Path to Ownership

A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Process

Step 1

Preparing to Purchase

Moxley Homes believes in preparing our customer’s fully for the build process. Step one to that preparation is determining how a customer will pay for their new home. Many of our homeowners finance their home. 

To make the financing process a breeze, Moxley Homes partners with trusted approved lenders who are familiar with the Moxley build process and requirements. Moxley Homes does not require that our customers finance with an approved lender, but buyers that choose to finance their new home with an approved lender may be eligible to receive a credit toward their closing costs.

Step 2

Choose Your Home

Let the fun begin! We often have quick move in homes available. These are homes that are already under construction and nearing completion. Our quick move in homes allow you to get a new construction home without the wait. If a quick move in home is not what you are looking for then a Moxley Homes salesperson will work with you to determine the perfect homesite and floor plan to meet your needs. After choosing a floor plan and lot a member of our sales team will schedule an appointment with you to review the interior options so you can make it your own!

Step 3

Seal the Deal

Let the signing begin! A few of your home selections will be made at your contract writing appointment, but you will have a couple of weeks following the contract to choose all remaining selections. When the contract writing is complete, Moxley Homes asks that you provide a deposit for your home. These funds go toward the sales price and are credited back to you at the closing.

Step 4

Design Time

This is getting fun! It’s time to pick colors, lighting, tile, and more! The sales team is trained in helping you through this process and will make an appointment with you to get started.

Step 5

Build It Out

After you have made your selections, Moxley Homes immediately begins ordering materials and supplies. Once we have your building permit in hand, we break ground and construction begins! One of our Builders will manage the entire process and keep you informed of our progress.

Step 6

Buyer Homework

As your home is being built, we encourage you to check in with your lender and ensure they are getting ready for your closing. If you are working directly with a member of our sales team then we will help make sure lenders and closing attorneys are in communication with each other. If you would like to visit the home during construction please schedule your visit with our salesperson.

Step 7

Final Out

Exciting times lie ahead! As we near completing the build, we will begin our final inspections and rigorous close out process. During this time, our team comes through to touch up paint, adjust doors, and deep clean the home. While your home goes through every stage of inspections, both from our team internally and local building code officials, we welcome you to have a third party home inspection if you would like. Please reach out to the Moxley salesperson you are working with to coordinate access to the home.

Step 8

New Home Orientation

Your home is complete, and we want to make sure it’s just right! Our team can’t wait to show you our work and make sure everything is just like you want it. This is an opportunity to go through your house with a Superintendent and ask any questions you may have.

Step 9

Closing Day

Congratulations on your new home! Your Closing Attorney will walk you through your paperwork and everything you'll need to sign. Then the moment you've waited for is finally here! You'll be handed the keys to your new Moxley home. Don't forget to switch your utilities over to your name.

Step 10

Welcome Home

You are now the proud owner of a Moxley home! We wish you many happy years and memories in your new home. We also love feedback, so we’ll be asking you to share with us about your experience. Help us improve and tell us where we excelled!


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