Energy Efficiency

Save with Energy-Efficient Construction

Choose a new construction home with Moxley Homes!

Because not only will you have a home personalized to your needs and style, you’ll also find a lower cost of ownership due to our energy efficient products and methods. With Moxley Homes, you’ll get a new home built with energy efficient construction and design. New homes that meet or exceed current energy codes can save up to 30% in energy compared to older homes built just a decade ago.



We start with compacted and geo-tested building pads with steel-reinforced concrete.



Our insulation reduces heat transfer and maintains a comfortable indoor temperature. Many of our homes feature open cell foam insulated attics depending on the community.


Windows & Doors

We install Energy Star certified Low E insulated vinyl energy-efficient windows and doors that have good seals to prevent drafts and reduce heat loss or gain.



We offer energy-efficient LED ceiling lights in our homes.



We offer several energy-efficient appliance packages that come with an ENERGY STAR rating, which consume less energy compared to older models.


Water Heating & Plumbing

We build each home with an energy efficient water heater with an ENERGY STAR rating.


Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

All homes are tested for thermal envelope and duct system tightness prior to completion and include a programmable digital thermostat.


Sealing & Air Leaks

We seal our homes with caulk and foam to prevent air leaks. A vapor barrier is then installed for enhanced insulation. This ensures efficient cooling in summer and warmth retention in winter.


Water Efficiency

Our plumbing fixtures have water-saving features like low-flow toilets and aerated faucets to reduce water consumption and waste.


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