New vs. Used

Because Building is Better

Opt for a better buying experience with Moxley Homes.

Shopping for a home today can feel like a daunting experience, but when you choose to buy new with Moxley Homes, we offer a better experience. Plus, a new home may be more affordable than you thought. See for yourself how Moxley Homes can help bring your dreams to life.

Why Buy New


With a new home, you can build your home to your style and personalize it to your needs.

Energy Efficient

Due to new building codes and more energy-efficient materials, new homes can save you money on your utilities, providing a lower cost of ownership.

Low Maintenance

Because your home is new and hasn’t been lived in, it requires less maintenance. So, you can focus on enjoying your home rather than having to repair something in it.


You can have peace of mind knowing that your new home comes with a builder warranty backed by QBW.

Latest Design

New homes feature the latest trends with open concept floorplans that are designed for more efficient use of space.

New Appliances

Like everything else, new appliances look great and outperform those in a resale home. Plus, they come with a manufacturer’s warranty, too!

No Defects

Your new home will have a required inspection process, which means that there are no defects when you move in.


You often have more financing options when you buy a new home.

It's All Yours

One of the nicest benefits of buying a new home is that you’re the first homeowner and get to break it in while it has that ‘new house’ smell.

Everything is New

Everything in a new home is new! Which means that you won’t have to replace anything for a long time.


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